Vibration Analysis / Root Cause Analysis Periodic Condition Monitoring

Periodic Condition Monitoring (PCM)

Condition Monitoring...

title= an ongoing program of vibration data collection on your equipment at regular intervals. Annual or quarterly surveys tend to be a good start. Data collection is taken while equipment is running, so there's no need for shutting down. Visual and audible changes are also noted for analysis.

Vibration spectrum analysis and trending analysis is the basis for determining the current and future condition of your equipment. Early detection of wear and damage allows equipment to be monitored to prepare for repairs before more extensive damage (usually more costly) or an unplanned breakdown (definitely costly) occurs.

Written Reports

An informative and readable report will be sent after on-site work. There is a Summary and Highlights section with actionable steps (if any) on the first page. The body of the report has more detailed discussion on the current and future condition of equipment, along with other related concerns or action steps, as needed.

Here is a portion of an actual written report (with the client's name and spectrum plots removed):

Sample Report