Vibration Analysis / Root Cause Analysis Periodic Condition Monitoring

Dynamic Balancing

On-Site / Field Balancing


The first step on-site is to conduct an analysis of the vibration issue (i.e., machines involved, areas vibration is felt, history). Sometimes, other problems can mask as unbalance or even cause it. Such things as a dirty or damaged impeller, loose or cracked structures, bad bearings or a bent shaft need to be investigated first.

In most cases, balancing can be done in 1-3 hours. Every case is different and other sources of vibration can still muddy calculations, making balancing more difficult. However, our on-site technician has studied and experienced many different scenarios with different balancing procedures, balancing successfully where it seemed undoable.

A written report will be sent after on-site work. It will include highlights of work done and recommendations (if any) of action steps to take to protect your equipment further. The spectrum plots of the equipment will be included at the end of the report.

Shop Balancing

Raynesford Balancing no longer offers shop balancing. Our shop equipment was purchased by Scott Guy (our shop balancer) and he now does shop balancing in Corona. Please call Guy Balancing at 951-817-9882 for this service.