Vibration Analysis / Root Cause Analysis Periodic Condition Monitoring

Vibration and Root Cause Analysis

Vibration Analysis


Vibration data collection is only part of the process in Root Cause Analysis. Various industry standard readings are taken (velocity, acceleration, and other predictive readings), the site of the vibration issue is inspected, and the vibration and mechanical history noted. This process is done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This data is then analyzed based on the years of experience of our technicians as well as published vibration research.

Often, the main cause of mechanical or vibration issues stands out and action can be taken immediately. Sometimes, there are multiple causes for vibration related issues. Our goal is to highlight and prioritize the action steps to address the causes of the vibration issue.

If a condition exists that is a problem now, or could be later, (bearings, structural integrity, etc.), recommendations to remedy or monitor the situation will be given. If steps can be performed on-site (such as balancing or smaller mechanical adjustments), this will be done first before leaving your site.

Written Reports

An informative and readable report will be sent after on-site work. There is a Summary and Highlights section with actionable steps (if any) on the first page. The body of the report has more detailed discussion on the current and future condition of equipment, along with other related concerns or action steps, as needed. Spectrum plots taken of the equipment are also be included.

Here is a portion of an actual written report (with the client's name and spectrum plots removed):

Sample Report